Hey I'm Astrea, a graphic designer

I specialise in creating brands for new businesses.
Got a project? Send your brief over to what@astreadominue.com


Sanala is a New Zealand made 100% natural skincare company. The logo is composited of pleasing organic koru shapes. It explores the cycle of nature's resources toward regeneration. Project highlights included sourcing and creating low-budget packaging for sample distribution.


Polychoron hand-made elemental jewellery. The stark contrast and bold geometry in the visual identity suits their powerful, edgy vibe. The intricate crystalline work in the mark complements both the natural and cut forms of minerals used in the jewellery, and molecular structure of various metals used.


Modus is a non-profit organisation focussed on developing resources for communities to interact and grow through educating individuals and enriching lives. Modus is a way and a movement to "lift us".


JustYou is a personal training studio. Justin, the director, wanted the logo to have a feeling of familiarity, yet remain unique and professional. A combination of simple styling, traditional typefaces, and simultaneously energising and relaxing colours resulted in a design we were all happy represented the brand. Notice the slimmer font-weight on "You"? Fun.

MAUR Magazine

MAUR is a modern arts and culture magazine. We worked alongside Zachary Maurice to devise a concept for a stylised "glass" logo that could be overlaid on MAUR content. The 3D model was produced in Cinema 4D. Content can be seen peeking through the alpha transparency in the logo.

Crafternoon Tea

Crafternoon Tea is a monthly craft beer tasting event. The craft beers are cleverly matched with delicious canapés. It's a casual, fun way for locals to be introduced to a variety of local products.